Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)


HAZOP What is it?
HAZOP study is established as the most widely used process hazard analysis technique for identifying deviations from design intent and qualitatively assessing the potential consequences both hazardous and operability related.  The technique is fully recognised and recommended by legislators, regulators, insurance companies and other professional institutions.

The technique is applicable at both the design stage, and throughout operational stages of production. It is also a critical tool when considering modifications to an existing plant. By means of a team selected for its expertise and experience, chaired by an independent HAZOP team leader, a formal, systematic and rigorous examination is carried out to identify the causes and assess the consequences of perceived malfunctioning of equipment and associated operator interfaces. The HAZOP team will comprise of core members of varying backgrounds/competencies depending on the study requirements, adding specialist members as required.

HAZOP does recognise design standards and codes of practice, but it does question the application of these to specific circumstances where hazards may remain undetected. Initially the application of HAZOP studies was considered to be essential for both continuous and batch processes involving potential hazardous operations.  Now however, the technique is applied to many non-hazardous process scenarios.

HAZOP Benefits

  • Identifies credible deviations from the design intent which can be addressed;
  • Enables screening out potential costly system modifications (retrofits);
  • Works to ensure the number of major modifications is significantly reduced if not eliminated and the number of minor modifications is significantly reduced;
  • Works to ensure project delays are significantly reduced.

Services offered
Lawlor Technology provides a ‘team leader’ with significant ATEX/Process Safety/Safety management experience to work with a group of representatives, from the facility to conduct the PHA /HAZOP.  Findings from the PHA/HAZOP are documented and a report on the study issued.

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