Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH/SEVESO III & Petroleum Safety)

petroleum safety

Major Accident Hazard Prevention

Lawlor Technology specialises in providing major accident hazard risk management services to the process industry including energy/oil and gas, pharmaceuticals etc. Our mission and ambition is to provide practical and effective solutions which enable companies to improve safety, increase process efficiency and meet in-house or applied standards and regulatory requirements.

control of major accident hazards

This is achieved by:

  • Advising clients on practical solutions to their regulatory compliance needs;
  • Understanding the regulatory demands and associated documentation requirements;
  • Producing robust and respected technical reports to meet client and regulatory requirements.

Lawlor Technology Ltd has been working closely with the Petroleum Industry, existing COMAH Operators and new entrants to meet the continuing challenges of the PEES act and SEVESO III/COMAH compliance respectively. Working in partnership with clients has been central to delivering ‘fit for purpose’ risk solutions and creating a customised legislative and environmentally compliant Safety Case / Report; whilst supporting operators in gaining an improved understanding of the requirements of the regulations being reviewed so that, going forward, they have ownership of the knowledge to defend the report.

A critical component of this process is to promote a transparent approach from hazard identification, through risk assessment, to safety/ environmental barrier identification and their performance (including management of barrier performance on site). This enables operators to fully understand the importance of individual safety critical tasks in maintaining barrier performance and the specific role of the barrier in controlling risk.



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